Who are The Bees & Trees Organization, how did they start & what do they do?

After witnessing several friends falling victim to the same crime's as I did, which unfortunately happened to be human trafficking, and modern day slavery. I decided to set up an organisation to try and help my friends and other victims of the same crime. Spending time together walking through local parks and recreation areas, trying to familiarize ourselves with the new local area. The group and I soon realized a lot of the areas were run down and unloved, so one day on our walk, we started taking  young trees, shrubs, flowers and seeds and planting them, making the run down areas feel and look better while learning and loving our new surroundings. Bees&Tree’s grew over time and became a safe place for the Bees&Trees volunteers to enjoy the outside space in a safe and new and improved environment, making the victims of human trafficking, modern day slavery and refugees, feel secure and happy to go out in the local area again, in a safe group, getting to know the now new area, that the volunteers have now come to call home. Especially with it being within a safe and secure environment, with the Bees&Trees Team.

How you can help the Bees and Trees group and your local area

The Bees and Trees Urban Garden online Shop

We are always Looking for more help  and support getting the Bees&Trees Org into more areas. It started with 2 people meeting up after being victims of a horrible crime to better the situation through Urban Gardening in the area that was once a  unknown to the victims but also unloved. The Bees&Trees Organisation have now planted over 1000 trees, plants and shrubs. We have been funding the project ourselves, with the help of local carbon neutral partners. We are always  looking for more areas to rejuvenate and volunteers to help. If you would like to help, or see how we can help you! then please don't hesitate to contact us anytime today 24hrs. The Bees&Trees organisation has become a safe place for the victims of trafficking and Modern Day Slavery to meet for help, guidance and support. while also rejuvenating urban and getting to know the new place they call home.

The Bees&Trees team hand make their own urban Bee Hives, Bird boxes, flower bed baskets along with their own hanging baskets, and all from disused and unwanted materials they salvage from the local areas that they rejuvenate.. Making all the products from the Bees&Trees Org 100%  green, reused and re loved.